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Exciting Events

Welcome to Vegas Fab 2023

This grand Filipino cultural event will showcase Philippine culture, history, values & tradition, art, music & dance, handicraft, Filipino-American products and professional services.
This is an inaugural event set to be an annual culminating celebration for the Filipino American History Month. This will be called Vegas FAB. as in Film, Art and Business, aptly located in the city where a visit to the Fabulous Las Vegas sign is an icon and a tradition.
This is a unified project of 4 Filipino-led organizations in Clark County, Nevada. Produced by ECube Solutions LLC, in partnership with the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Nevada, (FACCGN), the Philippine Chamber of Commerce of Southern Nevada (PCCSN), and the Fil-Am Scholarship Foundation & Outreach Services (FASFOS). They have formed a strategic alliance to foster cultural diplomacy and entrepreneurship, and amplify the Philippine culture in Nevada.
A big event will happen to showcase the culture, values, and products of the Philippines, including art, music, and handicraft. It will be held annually during Filipino American History Month and will be called Vegas FAB. The event will be held in Las Vegas, where people like to visit the Fabulous Las Vegas sign. The event will also focus on film, art, and business, giving people the opportunity to showcase their talent, learn new things, and grow their businesses. The event will have three venues, easy access, and full amenities to give participants a delightful experience. Many people, both domestic and international, can participate in the event. The project involves four Filipino-led organizations in Clark County, Nevada, working together to promote Philippine culture and entrepreneurship.
Culture, design, film & photography, fashion, and business. Where film, art and business converge.
Opportunities to be created. Talent to be mined. Three adjacent venues to host the three curated events- with easy access, full amenities, and provide delightful experiences. Participants will be broad stream, open to all Filipinos, both domestic and international, and worldwide.


Register Today and celebrate Filipino American Best.

Grow Your Business.

Vegas FAB is a showcase for the best in FilAms and where you can generate high-quality leads and sales.

Curated Products.

You will find a distinct selection of curated merchandise sourced from notable manufacturers and creative entrepreneurs and designers from the Philippines and the US.

Network with peers.

Vegas FAB Show is where you expand your network. Network with industry leaders and peers.

To attend, sign up here.


Feel the Vegas Vibe.

Ready to get FABulous in Vegas? FAB means Filipino American Best. This new triple event is bringing together the best of Filipino American culture, creativity, and spirit. And we gotta say, the logo and event identity are pretty FABulous too! There's more to see and many more firsts happening during the event. It's exciting to see Vegas showcasing the talent and successes of our Fil-Am community.

Who's ready to join the party and embrace the hybridity, festivity, and rhythm of Vegas FAB ?
The event has three components: 
For trade expo attendance, you can register here.
For the film fest screenings. you can go to this link.
For the Gala & Awards night, this will be invitational.
It will be livestreamed on Facebook live.